Hag Sameach Pesach

The New Moon of the 1st month was sighted at Israel the evening of March 18, 2018!
We will be having our Pesach Seder at the Chabad House L’ Yehoshua on Sunday April 1 at 6PM

If you have not gotten a Ticket yet, please call us and let us know that you want to attend and we will let you know how many spaces are still available.

After Pesach, we will be celebrating Hag Hamatzot until April 8, 2018







No. of guests over 2yrs

Weekly Torah Portion

This week’s Torah portion is:

Leviticus / Vayikra 6.

Haftarah (Prophets) Portion

This week’s Haftarah portion is:

Jeremiah chapters 21 – 24.

Brit Hadashah / Renewed Covenant (New Testament) Portion

This week’s 1st Century Writings portion is:

2nd Corinthians chapters 7 and 8.

Yom Hanafat Ha’omer

-Count for yourself
Sunday April 2, 2017 is יוֹם הֲנָפַת הָעֹמֶר Yom Hanafat Ha’omer (Day of the Waving of the Sheaf). When the Temple stood this day marked the official commencement of the grain harvest (Deuteronomy 16:7) and sheaves of barley were cut and brought to the Temple as a wave-offering (Leviticus 23:9-14). This day also marks the beginning of the 50-day count to חַג הַשָּׁבֻעוֹת‏ Shavuot.
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We need Spanish speaking men to join our Prisons Ministry. Please contact Roeh Frank if interested.

Audio Service


We meet on The Sabbath for service at Noon. First we have Oneg and then start the Torah Service at 1:30pm followed by Drash at 3pm

We are in need of your help to enable us to fulfil the Mission that we have received from YHWH
Our Mission
To reach out to the emerging Israelite community, train and send.
Our Vision
To build an Israelite Chabad House for the End Times.

Live Service

Upcoming Events

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    Ten days of Awe

    According to Jewish tradition, on Rosh Hashanah the destiny of the righteous, the tzaddikim (צַדִּיקִים), are written in the Book of Life (סֵפֶר הַחַיִּים), and...
  • Yom Kippur

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    Building Project

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  • Prayers for the Chabad House

    We request prayers for the ongoing construction for the Chabad House L’Yehoshua. Please pray for financial support and volunteer workers to come and help. This...

    Yom Kippur Outreach

    As we await Yom Kippur confession becomes a very important process. Confesion is an essential part of repentance. Repentance cannot be just a fleeting thought...