About Shearit Yisrael

We are a Torah observant Congregation that believe that all the Words of YHWH are for all the People for all time. We believe that the Bible is sufficient in the hands of the Ruach to lead us to Messiah Yehoshua and His saving Grace – all Truth.

We believe that the complete work of Yehoshua’s sacrifice draws us to Elohim and His life and teachings reveal the TIMELESS and ETERNAL principles or doctrines of Elohim. We see the Bible as a manual for life and relevant to us today.

While modes of expression and literary aspects of the text are culturally induced, the precepts are – when interpreted in the light of contextual and grammatical-historical backdrop, eternal and therefore authoritative over every generation regardless of culture.

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Short Info

Our Mission
To reach out to the emerging Israelite community, train and send.
Our Vision
To build an Israelite Chabad House for the End Times.
We are currently working on the foundation of the Chabad House Fellowship hall. All the boards have been laid and as of Sept 7th 2013, the floor plywood is incomplete.
We need assistance with the walls and the other materials to finish. TheĀ  roof has already been donated through a very generous contribution, YHWH be Praised.
We have been increasing our outreach to the surrounding community and beyond. We have a growing Prisons Ministry, Overseas Ministry among others. We accept donations and sponsorships to help us achieve our Mission and Vision.

Beit Din

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