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Ten days of Awe

According to Jewish tradition, on Rosh Hashanah the destiny of the righteous, the tzaddikim (צַדִּיקִים), are written in the Book of Life (סֵפֶר הַחַיִּים), and the destiny of the wicked, the resha’im (רְשָׁעִים), are written in the Book of Death (סֵפֶר הַמֵּתִים). Most people, however, won’t be inscribed in either book, but are given ten days — until Yom Kippur...
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Yom Kippur Outreach

As we await Yom Kippur confession becomes a very important process. Confesion is an essential part of repentance. Repentance cannot be just a fleeting thought like other thoughts that come and go in a person’s mind. By confessing one’s sins out loud, it becomes something much more real. A person must come to the complete understanding that the sins he...
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