Our Ministries

+Teshuva Yisrael
The Youth Ministry at Shearit include young adults from the ages of 13 to around 20 years. We have activities ranging from Skits, Sports and Games, Plays, Memory Verses as well as Bible Quiz.

We welcome all those interested to join us as we grow. The Directors are Roeh John and Joque Njogu.

+Student Ministries
For those in College and young adults 20 and above, we have a Ministry to support them and help them grow.
+Children's Ministry
For the children under 13, we have a lot of activities to keep them interested in the Torah and Hebraic thought.

We believe that the children should learn early and often the truth the Torah has to offer.

+Prayer Ministry
We aim to teach and lead the Congregation in both individual and corporate prayer. We will not seek our own will through our own efforts but we will humbly come before Elohim with a repentant heart seeking His will. We submit to Yehoshua as the Head of the body and will strive to obey His command that His Qahal should be called a House of Prayer for all nations.
+Men Ministries
The Men in the Congregation organize monthly activities to maintain fellowship and brotherhood.

The activities include Basketball tournaments, Bowling, Tennis, Mountain Climbing and so on. Our next even is on ___ at ____.

+Prisons Ministries
We have access to Minister to the Prisoners at the Hondo Prison. We have two Sabbaths in a Month when we visit in the morning for four hours.
+Nursing Home Ministry
We have been working with The Lytle Nursing Home for a opportunity to have a Monthly Sabbath Fellowship with the Residence. We have visited in the last couple of years and have realized this need. The Management is very supportive and willing and we need your prayers and support.

The home has over 200 residents at any one time and every time we have visited, over 20 of the come out to fellowship

We Need Your Help

Chabad House Construction

We have been given a unique vision from the Most High. We are tying to build a Chabad House. We are not a Jewish group; however, we have been given this charge because the concept is sound and timely. For those who do not know what a Chabad House is, let me list for you its primary purposes.

What’s a Chabad House?

1. To be a place of fellowship for the local assembly.

2. To be a place to “Shabbat Over” (come Erev Shabbat and leave after the Havdalah) should any one wish to do so.

3. To be a Yeshiva for the purpose of raising up leaders in Yisra’el.

4. To be a “Bed and Breakfast” for traveling Yisra’elites. Payment of stay is optional but donations are welcome.

5. To be a first out (from the city) when Jacobs trouble begins. This last one is directly given to us.

What we Need

We are asking for your support for this project in the form of money, prayers, other support and donations, etc. We need about $60,000.00 to complete a facility that can house at least eight female and eight male Shabbat campers. This project is on going, but is painfully slow as we refuse to go into debt to accomplish this goal. Our local assembly is small and money is tight. Whether or not you donate, you are welcome to participate in any and all functions of this Chabad House.
For more information on what a Chabad House is please search online for the term ‘Chabad House’. Much information is available.
Once again we are not a Jewish group. We are Yisra’el both grafted in and natural born. If you can help us, there is no reward for it except for the knowledge that you helped build the first non-Jewish Chabad House in the world. May it be that Yehowah regards your donations as treasures being built up in the Heavenly.

Where does the Money go?

All money will be used to build the structure. None of the money goes to any one in the Beit Din or Elders. No one in this Ministry takes a salary.