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About us

Shearit Yisrael is a Torah based Israelite Congregation located south of San Antonio Texas.

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We are a Torah observant Congregation that believe that all the Words of YHWH are for all the People for all time. We believe that the Bible is sufficient in the hands of the Ruach to lead us to Messiah Yehoshua and His saving Grace – all Truth.

What we Believe.

We believe that the complete work of Yehoshua’s sacrifice draws us to Elohim and His life and teachings reveal the TIMELESS and ETERNAL principles or doctrines of Elohim. We see the Bible as a manual for life and relevant to us today. While modes of expression and literary aspects of the text are culturally induced, the precepts are – when interpreted in the light of contextual and grammatical-historical backdrop, eternal and therefore authoritative over every generation regardless of culture.

Latest Reviews

Steve Joggu

Awesome congregation after the heart of Yehovah. Love the leader Billy and his remarkable Beit Dein. I particularly enjoy the drash time on shabbat afternoons. The spirit of Yehovah really flows. You leave feeling blessed, refreshed and looking forward to more of this experience!

Hector Rodriguez

Great congregation, with excellent teachings and love for the word of God.


Excellent congregation that's keenly focused on the YHWH's Moadim. They offer 7 day camping for Pesach and Sukkot! It's a real blessing.

  • Prison Ministry - Lead by Roeh Frank Mckinley - We strive to help inmates in the area prisons have a relationship with The Most High and His Torah WE NEED Volunteers !

  • Orphanage Ministry - Lead by Roeh Kariuki - We assist orphaned children in Kenya, Africa who are housed in a Torah based environment and are receiving teachings based on the Torah and the New Testament.

  • We are looking for a few folks to join in with us and fill in the blank of the children's and Youth ministry.  Interested?  Call 210-854-5581.

  • Prayer Service - Lead by Sister Maria Elizondo- at the assembly House every Shabbat at 9:00 am

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