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Beginning Hebrew For All

Beginning shortly after my wife and I return from Yisrael, I will be starting a weekly Hebrew class. The dated is not set yet, so keep looking at this post.

It will begin with a mix of Modern and Biblical Hebrew. There will be initially a sizeable amount of History. We will then begin at a rudimentary level. As soon as I can get folks up to speed on the Alef Bet and some basic pronouns and nouns, we will bump it up a bit and begin speaking some Hebrew during the class. There will be homework. There will be some pop quizzes and so on. The most important thing to remember is do not get in a hurry. We will be going slow

It will be live streamed. I will probably record the sessions to post on the website, . I must confess that I do not like online courses. So I will be live streaming from the Chabad House. I invite everyone to come in person. It it is a heavy burden to do so, I understand. This why I have decided to live stream it.

So finally, I hope to begin this weekly teaching on the first week of December on the Roman Pagan Calendar. What I need is an idea as to the best day of the week to offer this. The only day we can not do it is on Thursdays because we are doing Drash that day.

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