Portion for Week 3

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Here is this week's portion:

Week 3


Parshah [לך לך] Bereshit 12 – 17

From the Bimah Bereshit 14:21-15:6

I Samuel 7

Psalm 35-38

Proverb 6

Luke 9

In Avram's home land, the land of his birth, it was filled with idol worship. Scripture does not give us the reason Terah, Avram's papa, took him, his Lot, Sari, Avram's wife and left Ur Chasdim. There destination was Canaan. Yet the next place Terah is Haran a city that for all the world seems to be a city named after Haran, Terah's brother. Or maybe Haran was named after the pegan moon god of the same name only spelled with the famine in the Assyrian tongue. For what ever reason, Terah stopped here and died. It is at this time that Torah switches focus to our father Avram.

One probable reason for Terah going to Haran first is because to go directly to Canaan from Ur Chasdim would have been across a burning hot dry desert. The trade routes must have avoided this, and it would have been smart to do so. Even so, Terah stopped there. The reason for this is that he fell sick. As we see he died there. For what ever reason though Avram now takes over the leadership of the family and begins the long arduous trip down, map wise, to Canaan and to teach his family the monotheistic belief in Yehovah the one for which there is no other as great as. This is the birth of Monotheism in Canaan, and further introduces Yehovah to the Yebusites in the land. They bastardized the name of The Most High pronouncing it Yahway. This name eventually becomes through many transliterations the name of the pagan god Yupiter or Jupiter.

But worry not. We will Drash it all out at the Thursday night Drash starting at 7:00pm till I can't keep my eyes open any longer. See you there.


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