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שלום כולם

Hi everyone,

This is Roeh Billy Washburn. I am one of the Beit Din members here at Shearit Yisrael Qahal Yehoshua. I run the Torah studies here at Beit Chabad Yehovah. I have been in this walk since around 2001. It was at this time that a young man in the High School English class informed me that I was ignorant of scripture. It is a long story, but this information lead me to seek out what this young man meant. By the way English is not my best subject. So it was this statement by this seventeen year old student that sent me on a search that lead to being grafted into the commonwealth of Israel and the redemption of the blood of Messiah Yehoshua ben Joseph that landed me in service to the Ain Suf.

I am retired now since 2015 from a wonderful time serving the community of San Antonio, Texas for 30 years as a firefighter/Paramedic. During this service I attained a AS in Fire Sciences from SAC and a BS in Physics from UTSA. I have completed up to the highest level offered in undergraduate studies in Biblical Hebrew at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. I have taken 4 levels of modern Hebrew and the only undergraduate class in Biblical Aramaic at the same university. I hold no degree in biblical studies. Every time I tried to attend one of the seminaries, The Ayin Suf would not let me. I finally gave up trying this. Apparently, He wants to train me in His own way. Another long story.

I am the Father of 7 amazing children, 24 amazing grandchildren and 1 great grandchild at the date of this posting. I don't get to see all of these children, but miss them all. Another long story.

Possibly the most important thing I can tell you about myself is that The Ayin Suf has given me a command and a vision that He will not leave off me till it is completed. The command is to study, and as He said, "Study, just study. When you are ready I will send them to you." The vision is to build Him, "My ChaBaD house". This is a Hebrew acronym of the following Hebrew words חוכמה,בינה ודעת. The Hebrew acronym of these words looks like this, חב"ד. This stand for Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding. It is an idea given to Menachem Mendel Schneerson of out reach centers. You may wish to read about him and I am providing the link here: Just copy and paste this URL into you internet address bar. This idea was to build ChaBaD houses all around the world for the following 4 main reasons. 1. To be a local meeting house for the local community of Orthodox Jewish Believers. 2. To be a place where attendees and travelers could come and Shabbat over if they wish with sleeping quarters, a Kitchen, full bathrooms and such to spend the night. 3. To be a Bead and Breakfast of sorts for any traveler. 4. To train up the next generation of leaders. It took about seven years of training before The Ayin Suf felt I was ready for His vision for me and the fledgling assembly of Shearit Yisrael Qahal Yehoshua. When He felt I was ready, He revealed this same idea to me but with the following words: "Yes like the Orthodox Chabad Houses, but for four reasons there is a fifth." That fifth was to be a "First Out" for believers during the transition period of Ya'aqov's trouble. Our burden is to build a Chabad house that can service 100 people for 1 month. That means sleep them, feed them, water them and bath them for one month. Despite my best efforts the assembly is, in my mind, very behind on the job. We may be right on time in His eyes, but I am concerned that we are desperately lacking especially with recent events.

Our humble little assembly is open to any one. As is the case with most Chabad Houses, your beliefs are not a determining factor to welcome you worship with us. We only have one rule. While on the campus, you must follow the house rules. This is not a church. It is a house. It is no different than coming to your house. Once I step invited or other wise onto your campus, I am expected to follow your house rules. That is all. If you are a member of the family of Israel, Jewish or non-Jewish there is no difference in this house. Being of Israel is all that is needed. If you are Israel, you are a member of Shearit Yisrael Qahal Yehoshua. "Non-members" are welcome as well as long as they follow the house rules.

So if you are interested in getting upon the train of accomplishing His vision for this little group, jump on board! We are located ten miles west and three miles north of a little town called Poteet, Texas. The address is 8042 West FM 476, Poteet, Texas 78065. All are welcome who do not want to hurt us. Just know that if you harbor any ideas of hurting us, most of our family carry at all times. We will not laydown and let any one on this campus hurt anyone else. Just saying!

If you would receive it, "Yehovah will bless and guard you. He will lift up His face and be gracious to you. He will turn his face toward you and place upon you His peace.

Shalom and come Shabbat with us,

Billy Washburn