פרשת השבוע תולדות

My deepest apologies for not updating the website these last few weeks. The drought has proved to be a taxing time. Very little sleep trying to keep some type of food growing to keep the cows alive. Many thinks breaking down, and so on and so forth. No promises, but rain has fallen to invigorate the grass and more. Growth is advancing very quick, and the cows already have a bit to eat thanks be to The Most High. By His help we will continue to receive some rain, the broken items can be fixed and all will be wonderful for the feast day coming up. That said, I will endeavor get at keeping this site up again. Thank you for your understanding.

We are now back on full editing of this site.

  • Prison Ministry - Lead by Roeh Frank Mckinley - We strive to help inmates in the area prisons have a relationship with The Most High and His Torah WE NEED Volunteers !

  • Orphanage Ministry - Lead by Roeh Kariuki - We assist orphaned children in Kenya, Africa who are housed in a Torah based environment and are receiving teachings based on the Torah and the New Testament.

  • We are looking for a few folks to join in with us and fill in the blank of the children's and Youth ministry.  Interested?  Call 210-854-5581.

  • Prayer Service - Lead by Sister Maria Elizondo- at the assembly House every Shabbat at 9:00 am

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 Please note the new Torah Service hours below 

If you need any information on how to find us or the teachings or you just want to check out what we believe, Please call Roeh Billy at the number below.


Disclaimer: If I answer, you have at least 5 min.  If I don't answer, leave a message. If you are an advertisement, you will get an ear full.  I can't stand those robo calls.  Even still, lets dialogue. :)

(210) 854-5581

We have begun a new offering to Am Yehovah.  It is called, "Ask the Chochamim".  For those not familiar with Hebrew the strange word means loosely "Wise Guys".  Send any question you have to  I will direct your question to the correct Chocham to answer your question.  We reserve the right not to know the answer and be incorrect.  We will answer to the best of our ability. 

Be sure to click on the Events Button above to get Info. on Sukkot.

פרשת השבוע תולדות


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Click the picture to the left to join the live Shabbat service at 10:00am.  Warning:  This is live.  There is no editing, and we almost never take ourselves seriously.  We take the Scripture and the Ayin Suf seriously but not ourselves.  So please laugh all you want.  

The picture is also the link for the Weekly Drash every Thursday evening starting at 7:30pm.  May Yehovah bless you all with our attempts to edify His people and lift Him up.

We have also began posting the last weeks Thursday night Drash.  It is mostly an audio presentation, but often visual information is also shown.  If you missed the portion during the week, you have six days to watch it.  It will then be changed to the current week.