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Mark 9: Roeh John

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

In this week Britchadasha portion, Yahushua teaches the disciples about leadership. He wants them to understand that as they follow Him, their Leader, He is the Son of God, He is Daniel's Son of Man (Daniel 7:13–14), the promised Moshiach. But He is also the suffering servant of Isaiah 53 who will suffer and even die for His friends. They should not think of His kingdom as a mighty earthly political force, but a great sacrifice and then a quiet work in the hearts of His followers. The disciples need to set aside dreams of political grandeur and learn how to lead through service.

Location of the Teachings

We found since Mark 7 Yahushua mostly in Gentile territory, both northwest (Mark 7:24) and east (Mark 7:31) of Galilee. He then took the disciples north (Mark 8:27), still trying to avoid the crowds so He could train the disciples without distraction

The chapter begins with the transfiguration where Eliyahu and Moshe and ends back in Capernaum where Yahushua spends most of that time teaching. Although the disciples do quarrel with the scribes, the misconceptions and errors Yahushua addresses come from the disciples, themselves, not outsiders.

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