פרשת במדבר

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Portion for Week 35


Parshat Bamidbar

  • Chapter 1

  • Census in the Wilderness

  • The tribal leaders

  • Reuben

  • Simeon

  • Gad

  • Yehudah

  • Issachar

  • Zebulun

  • Ephraim

  • Manasseh

  • Benyamin

  • Dan Asher

  • Naphtali

  • The total

  • The Levites: The legion of Yehovah

  • Chapter 2

  • The four formations: Yehuda's encampment to the east

  • Reuben's encampment to the south

  • Ephraim's encampment to the west

  • Dan's encampment to the north

  • The total

  • Chapter 3

  • The progeny of Moshe

  • Appointment of the Levites

  • The Levites replace the firstborn

  • Census of the Levites

  • Gershon

  • Kohath

  • Merari

  • The Yisraelites firstborn are redeemed

  • Chapter 4

  • The Kohathites' responsibilities

  • Special precautions for the Kohathites

Care to learn more? Join us every Shabbat at 10:00am as we read from the Scroll and discuss what we have heard so that we might have Emuna. We would really love to see you in person at the Chabad House; but if you can't make it, you may join us at 10:00am on line in a go to meeting. Just click on the picture below and follow the instructions.

Come join us this Thursday night (05/26/2022) on Gotomeeting for the Drash at 7:30pm

And/or at the Chabad House this Shabbat at 10:00am (05/28/2022) as we read and Drash our way through the Scriptures to find His desire for us at this season. Just click the picture below. The weekly Drash will be a Q&A this week due to the Feast of Unleavened Bread.

Below is the taping of the Drash from Last Thursday night's Drash.

Last Week's Thursday night Drash (פרשת בחקתי).

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