פרשת במדבר

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Portion for Week

5781 Parshot Schedule
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  • Chapter 1

  • Census in the Wilderness

  • The tribal leaders

  • Reuben

  • Simeon

  • Gad

  • Judah

  • Issachar

  • Zebulun

  • Ephraim

  • Manasseh

  • Benjamin

  • Dan

  • Asher

  • Naphtali

  • The Total

  • The Levites: The legion of Yehovah

  • Chapter 2

  • The four formations:

  • Judah's encampment to the East

  • Reuben's encampment to the South

  • Ephraim's Encampment to the West

  • Dan's Encampment to the North

  • Chapter 3

  • The progeny of Moshe and Aaron

  • Appointment of the Levites

  • The Levites replace the firstborn

  • Census of the Levites

  • Gerson

  • Kohath

  • Merari

  • The Israelite firstborn are redeemed

  • Chapter 4

  • The Kohathites' responsibilities

  • Special precautions for the Kohathites

As always, there is a lot to cover this week. Enjoy!!!!

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