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פרשת ויקרא\Vai'iqrah

Updated: Mar 25

Care to learn more? Join us every Shabbat at 10:00am as we read from the Scroll and discuss what we have heard so that we might have Emuna. We would really love to see you in person at the Chabad House; but if you can't make it, you may join us at 10:00am on line in a go to meeting. Just click on the picture below and follow the instructions.

Come join us every Friday night on Zoom for the Drash at 7:00pm

And/or at the Chabad House every Shabbat at 10:30am as we read and Drash/Inquire our way through the Scriptures to find His desire for us at this season. Just click the blue word here Zoom or above.

Below is the taping of the Drash on מטותfrom Last Year.

Below is the link for Drash the week past.

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1 Yorum

As we finish out this week, the portion will be repeated in order to let the Torah Cycle catch up to us. I did not think this through well enough. I thought that the Chabad cycle would have doubled at least once already syncing us up to the Chabad cycle. That did not happen, and it was determined to stop and let the Chabad cycle catch up to us. This means that if we stay synced with Chabad, we will be doing six doubles. We will see how this goes though. Stay tuned.

This week's portion will focus mainly on Esaw who is the father of Edom. Edom is a term that refers not only to the place where h…

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