פרשת כי תשא

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Portion for Week 21

5781 Parshot Schedule
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Week 21


Parshah[כי תשא] Shemot/Ki Tisa 30:11-34

From the Bimah Shemot 34:1 - 9

I Samuel 26

Psalm 106-107

Proverb 22

John 3


In this week's portion,

  • The Census

  • The Laver

  • Anointment Oil

  • Incense

  • Designation of Bezalel and Oholiab

  • The Shabbat

  • Moshe receives the Tablets

  • The Golden Calf

  • Yehovah's anger

  • Moshe's successful prayer

  • Moshe descends

  • Moshe Shatters the Tablets

  • Aaron explains

  • Moshe prays

  • Aftermath of the Golden Calf

  • Moshe's Tent

  • Moshe pleads for Yehovah's nearness

  • The limits of Moshe's vision

  • The second Tablets

  • Yehovah reveals His Thirteen Attributes of Mercy

  • Moshe requests

  • Safeguarding the promise

  • Renewal of the covenant

  • The radiance of Moshe

Wow! There is a lot to cover this week. Enjoy!!!!

Come join us this Thursday night (2/4/2021) on Gotomeeting for the Drash

And/or at the Chabad House this Shabbat at 1:30pm (1/23/2021) as we read and Drash our way through the Scriptures to find His desire for us at this season.

You may have to copy and paste the above URL to join the Gotomeeting. You may also have to download Gotomeeting.

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